Friday, October 02, 2009

Latest Wikio sports rankings

The guys over at Wikio have sent me an advanced preview of their latest monthly sports rankings, which sees yours truly increase one spot to number 14.

The top twenty is as follows:

1Arseblog (=)
2Gunnerblog (=)
3BBC Sport - Football blog (+1)
4West Ham Till I Die (-1)
5Off The Post (+7)
6BBC Sport - Phil McNulty blog (+23)
7F1 Fanatic (-1)
8BlogF1 (+2)
9SoccerLens (-4)
10Goodplaya (-3)
11F1 Minute (=)
12Football Banter (-4)
13Line and Length - Times Online WBLG (-4)
14Bitter and Blue (+1)
15Formula One Blog - Times Online WBLG (-1)
16Twohundredpercent (-3)
17Sport Is A TV Show (=)
18East Lower (-2)
19BBC Sport - Tom Fordyce blog (+6)
20The Rafael Nadal Blog - Times Online WBLG (+37)

Ranking by Wikio

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Anonymous said...

No offence, but you're by no means one of the best City blogs on the internet, let alone in general. This is good, don't get me wrong, but I must say I have seen better.

David said...

Have to say the above post sums up my feelings perfectly. You are not bad but still some way off even being in the top three of City blogs. Good luck though and keep at it, Blue!