Saturday, October 31, 2009

Arsenal drawn in Carling Cup

As I wrote in the wake of the win over Scunthorpe, we are more than capable of beating any of the remaining sides in the competition.

Whilst Arsenal's shadow side is not the easiest draw we could have got but home advantage is definitely an important factor and tips the balance in our favour.

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Pat said...

Along with the fact that Wenger will probably play our kids, which irritates me. We'll get destroyed if we(Arsenal) put out a young side.

Unknown said...

Balances in your favour - my arse. You will get your just desserts this time.....we have long memories

peptheblue said...

Hopefully Wenger will carry on with the kids and Arsenal will be despatched accordingly.

For the Gooner who thinks we're going to get our "just desserts" are deluded.

Adebayor is coming back to haunt you again. 4-1

The Leviathan said...

Arsenal's "kids" aren't such kids anymore. Carlos Vela and Samir Nasri would probably start, as would Senderos (who's played in a Champions League final) and Fran Mérida, who would be starting in your side right now. Throw in Wilshere and maybe Walcott, and you've got yourself a fairly experienced side.

1-3 to us. And we do have long memories.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the police will have enough manpower to deal with the Arsenal fans' abusive chanting, racist songs and throwing of dangerous objects onto the playing surface! I predict 300 well deserved arrests.

The Fat el Hombre said...

Hey Leviathan, I was hoping Wenger would just play his kids but if he's gonna play Senderos then that would be even better! Fingers crossed.

You'd just better hope that Wilshere and Walcott don't pick up any unexpected injuries trick or treating tonight

Anonymous said...

Haha... I love how the arabs are getting worked up for the coca cola cup!!!

The reason we'll put a sh!t team out is cos we're in the champions league fellas... you might wanna try it sometime. I hope our teenagers do a number on you, be it with a victory or kicking adebarndoor.

ctidneal said...

dont matter what team arsenal put out, we hammered their first team already and no reason why we cant do it again, another trophyless season for the gunners, you are turning into the man city of the past winning nothing. quite sad to say that you are in the champions league when you have about as much chance of winning it as steven hawkins has of winning the marathon in april.