Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adebayor charged

The FA has announced Emmanuel Adebayor will face charges of violent conduct and improper conduct:

The Football Association today issued two charges against Manchester City’s Emmanuel Adebayor following Saturday’s Premier League fixture between Manchester City and Arsenal.

Under the fast-track disciplinary process, Adebayor has been charged with violent conduct following an incident with Robin van Persie, which resulted in the Arsenal player receiving facial injuries.

Referee Mark Clattenburg has advised The FA that he did not see this incident, but has confirmed that had he done so, he would have sent Adebayor off for violent conduct. The player has until 6pm on Wednesday evening to respond to the charge.

Adebayor has also been charged with improper conduct following his actions when turning and running the full length of the pitch to celebrate in front of the Arsenal supporters after scoring.
At the very least Adebayor will now face a three-game ban relating to the incident with van Persie, and my hunch would be an additional game for his actions following his goal. However it does appear that the improper conduct charge will not be heard this week.

Clearly an appeal will be launched - and we will have confirmation shortly no doubt - but it almost certainly means Adebayor will miss the next three games at least.

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Anonymous said...

As a koppite, the only team we hate in Manchester is United. City are Ok and I hope you do well - but please do not become like United by adopting a siege mentally towards any form of criticism. Just stand up and take it on the chin - it comes with being a big club. Adebayor & Hughes need to understand this. Sod Arsenal - they are the biggest wingers out there. Welcome to the table!!!

newsoftheblues said...

if ade gets down for the fans incident, then is dsigrace and opens a huge can of worms in terms of double standards!

RVP should also get a ban, when wll we hear about that?

the fa will always cowtail to the press's will

spursman79 said...

this is justice, the stamp was disgusting and there is no place for it in football, he (adebayor) was a disgrace before the game, during the game and after the game, i'm a spurs fan and although i dislike arsenal i hope the f.a ban him til january for that disgusting show of unprofessional thuggish behaviour, RVP does not deserve a ban as the tackle he made was a yellow card at worst, a disgusting showing from a disgusting player who plays for a disgusting team.

Anonymous said...


justice comes to town :)

that charged *player*has nothing to do on a football pitch,he is clearly a case for mental care....and as the ref pointed out has he seen the stamp,,he would have given him a red card...well well...

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, those good ol' double-footed feet off floor lunges, aka yellow card tackles. Not for 30 years, fool. Only disgusting thing going was realising I wasted a minute of my life reading your bollocks.

PS: A technical point- Clattenburg did see the stamp. He's just inept and now folding to media pressure. He was staring straight at it, he now realises his mistake, and should just say he missed something he was looking at. If he stands by saying he didn't see something in front of him, he should be forced to step down as that is incompetence, its not like it was behind him or the view was obscured. Doesn't make a difference, but I hate officials covering their mistakes