Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Vassell mobbed in Turkey

This is a great picture just for the sheer bemusement on Vassell's face.

I had imagined that Vassell would likely end up at a top level Championship side (or even one of the promoted clubs) but maybe he fancied the challenge of playing abroad at this stage of his career.

It is easy to dismiss his time at City, but when he arrived at the club he was not far removed from the England set up and had a decent reputation. He did arrive at a time when we were struggling and perhaps was not up to taking on the kind of responsibility demanded of him. It may have also have not helped that he only seemed able to find the net against Aston Villa.

During his latter days at the club he often found himself out on the right, or during the second half of 2008/09 out of the side completely. I'm not sure many of us had heard of Ankaragucu, but it might be one more side to look out for next season.

City career stats


Total (Club) 124 (14) 22

League 103 (12) 17

FA Cup 12 (1) 3

League Cup 3 (1) 1

European/Others 6 (0) 1

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Gary said...

I have just seen the footage on Sky Sports it was mint!

Whipper said...

Good Luck Vas,not the best player in the world but guaranteed to give you 110% every game.

Anonymous said...

Lovely guy, Vass. Honest player. Good luck mate wherever you end up. And, btw, he didn't only score against Villa. He got 2 against the Scum

Wigan Blue said...

How could any City fan have anything but goodwill towards Darius? His head got disconnected from his boots at times, but for sheer effort, and chasing lost causes, he has to go down as a City hero. One of our young defenders would do well to take a leaf out of Darius' book...

Evan said...

Vassell was a hard working player and if he didnt get the goals he would do all he could to get them for others. excellent player at the club not given much of a chance really.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you all the best for the future Darius.

Anonymous said...

Let us mourn the loss of another great city player.....who scored against the rags...