Thursday, July 16, 2009

Delay to Adebayor move

Emmanuel Adebayor has asked for more time to mull over his proposed move from Arsenal to Manchster City, a transfer he fears could lead to strong criticisms of his motives in his native Togo. The striker's misgivings are such that City have been forced to delay plans for a medical while he considers their offer of a salary worth in excess of £150,000 a week.

Judging by the comments from Arsenal fans on here the past few days, news that the transfer may not progress could see a sharp increase in calls to the Samaritans. I would be surprised though if a Premiership footballer would be stalling over a move for fear of how he would be perceived by accepting a large hike to his wages. Or perhaps some do have a conscience after all.

In contrast with the article in The Guardian, according to The Mail, far from requesting further time to deliberate, the issue may well be to do with money with the club (perhaps sensing we are the only realistic bidders) imposing some sort of ceiling on what we are prepared to offer.

None of us are party to the inner workings or the machinations of transfer negotiations so whether there is a real issue between Adebayor and ourselves over wages, whether we are close to agreeing a deal or whether Adebayor is hoping our firm interest flushes out other interested parties into making a bid nobody knows.

What is clear is that Mark Hughes wants to sign him and Arsenal want rid, so if no other side does come forward we are certainly in a position of strength. Negotiations (including the work permit hearding) do seem to be at an advanced enough stage though to suggest Adebayor is receptive to moving so the smart money must still be on a deal ultimately being concluded.

I do agree with Jack though in that the move does have less of an appeal to it than that of the signing of Tevez (or indeed Barry), and should it fall through, we are still blessed with enough talent in attack.

But, given that the attack though have a better look to it with Adebayor involved, and with the continued pursuit of John Terry from Chelsea, have the club sensed that rather than the steady approach, that there is a real opportunity for Champions League qualification thsi forthcoming season?

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tg said...

Mate, the mercenary toerag is not stalling because he is worried about how he is perceived in Togo about being even more minted (we did double his pay last summer,and watch him play like a cunt all season) but because he is waiting for AC to come in for him.

He's a total mercenary so should fit right in with the rest of your new aquistions! As a gooner, I don't care where he goes as long as he goes, although I wouldn't put it past the felching cunt to try and stay put.

Anonymous said...

Adebayor? Not a good have first team kind a striker, buy rotation striker. Pazzini, Cavenaghi will be a good buy.

Manchester City pls buy commanding or at least a solid had a well goalie, good on mid and your lot of foward. You can many kind of formation. You already had a buy for this new seasson and its not John Terry!.

John is like on earth you can buy them. Find a great defend.. Bonera, Upson, Hofland many more.

Your team have a great power plan, work it wisely. Break the top four.