Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ireland signs new deal

"I never had any doubts about staying. Regardless, I was going to be here, and hopefully for the remainder of my career. I don't see why not. I really want to become a hero here, to hopefully achieve things.

"I'm settled here - I love the club, I love the fans, and I don't see what's going to make me leave this club.

"These are very exciting times. It's going to be interesting just to see what the line-up will be at the start of next season and how far we can push on. Hopefully we can compete for the title and get back into Europe."

>>Stephen Ireland.

The deal is reported to be worth in the region of £60,000 - a significant increase on his previous deal but by no means have we been held to ransom and forced to overpay for a player who could be on the verge of achieving a signifcant amount in the game.

The length of the deal (five years) is also worth noting, as it locks Ireland in long-term in addition to the likes of Hart, Richards, Onouha, Wright-Phillips - all home grown players who are expected to be the core of a succesful side moving forward.

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