Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I stumbled across some odds the other evening which stated we were only 3/1 to win the UEFA Cup this season.

I appreciate that the odds in European competition will always be skewed as far as British clubs are concerned but they do seem to be very low considering we are only at the last sixteen stage.

There has been growing talk though of achieving things in this years competition, and whereas in some competitions in recent years (think our recent FA Cup quarter final appearances) there was more of a hope of winning the competition, this is a competition I genuinely believe we can win, and more importantly, should win.

The last round saw some of the more difficult potential opponents (namely Milan) knocked out, and a glance at the last sixteen also shows that there are some fixtures that will definitely eliminate some tricky looking sides (Ajax v Marseille, CSKA v Shakhtar and Galatasary v Hamburg) so I do think it is right that expectation is growing.

Are we justified favourites though?

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Anonymous said...

didn't the same article say we could get 7/1 against us making the semi finals - which makes 3/1 against us winning it less than generous