Monday, March 23, 2009

Hughes on Hart's future

"Joe is going to be England's outstanding goalkeeper for the next 10 or 15 years.

"But it is right that we have been able to take him out of the fire, allow him to step back and see where he is.

"It is different with outfield players, because you can keep taking them out and putting them back in again. You can't do that with a goalkeeper, and there are too many examples of young lads who have ended up burnt and scarred and never recovered."

One of the factors in which I argued against the signing of Shay Given was the point Hughes made in the last paragraph - that essentially you cannot have two number 1 goalkeepers in a squad because, unlike outfield players, squad rotation and resting players is simply not required in the way it is for outfield players.

I must admit to having to accept though that Given's arrival has been a resounding success. He has made a number of key saves for us, and although Richard Dunne and Nedum Onouha have forged an impressive partnership, credit surely must be given (no pun intended) to Shay Given who has more than played his part in our recent impressive defensive performances - conceding just ten goals in eleven games so far since his arrival from Newcastle.

As for Joe Hart, his ability is not in question but I think Given's experience and maturity has brought a degree of stability to the position that was not there when Hart was in goal. That is not to say Hart is finished at the club, and I do feel that if he is patient enough, he will eventually win back the number 1 spot.

Next season though is a big one given it will be the season leading up to the World Cup. My own preference, and no doubt Hart's, would be for him to go out on loan for the season to keep him playing at the top level and also put him firmly in the frame for a World Cup berth.

If Hughes sanctioned a loan, I think it is clear that a Premier League side would snap him up - a move that would benefit all parties concerned in both the short and long term.

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Gary said...

I think Joe Hart's ability was in question if I am honest. He was no where near as good as Shay Given is, it was obvious to anyone who has seen Joe Hart play that he is not good enough yet. I sit behind the goal and he is not a keeper that did things to fill his defence with confidence, he was lacking in lots of areas.

Anonymous said...

I agree completly. He is a good young keeper, but not a number one in the premier league. Shay Given brought much needed maturity and communication to the defence. Hart is good but at 21, he is better off mentored by Given. If he keeps up his work ethic and keeps maturing behind Given, in a few years he will become a great goalie. Hughes was spot on with this one as well.

Anonymous said...

can someone perhaps enlighten me on how Daniel Sturridge is notin the first team squad and yet is called up to England under 20.
is it because of the ongoing contractual talks?