Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sturridge close to signing

"We’re not quite there yet, but we are hopeful. I think there are meetings planned for this week, we hope something can come from that and Daniel can put it all to bed.

"He’s made three league starts so is still learning his trade, but what he has done when he’s come on is make an impression. That’s what you have to do as a young player, but we see him day-in, day-out and we know his qualities. We want to keep him, but there has to be an understanding from his advisors that there is a level for everybody, I am sure there is a compromise to be made and we’ll get there very soon."

>>Mark Hughes.

Positive news after much stalemate.

There were rumours suggesting other clubs were looking to exploit his contract status (Aston Villa in particular were frequently mentioned) but I'm certain that whilst the club are desperate for him to stay, he is also equally keen to remain with us as.

He is a wonderfully talented prospect, and I do think he is best coming off the bench at present whilst he develops, being able to provide the kind of spark and impact that we have seen him display at times this season.

Clearly he will be an important part of the future.

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