Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Season ticket prices reduced

CITY are to cut season ticket prices for next term by an average of seven per cent as the new owners fulfil their promise to listen to their supporters.

Fans will also be given an extra three months to pay as the Eastlands accountants react to the depth of the credit crunch.

The cheapest adult season tickets this season were £388, with the most expensive £538. Both will come down next season.

Good news given the doom surrounding the current economic climate, and perhaps a surprise to those who equated a new ownership group investing heavily into a football club with the inevitable hike in ticket prices.

An interesting decision to move the initial renewal date as well. As a Premier League club, I'm certain that we had the earliest renewal date, with the suggestion being that we effectively ran out of money around this time of the season and needed the money to get through the summer before the next batch of TV money arrived.

Given the revelations last summer about having to go cap in hand to John Wardle on a number of occasions throughout his time at the club (and including the Thaksin era) it may not have been far from the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic than ticket prices are moving in the right direction but still not far enough.