Sunday, December 21, 2008

Reality bites?

Sources close to the owners believe that talk of signing the likes of Kaka, Casillas, Messi and Torres is premature, with the management preferring to take a more patient approach to building the club into one of the biggest in the world.

However, it is believed that City will face little or no competition from Premier League rivals should they decide to pursue mid-price targets, including the Blackburn striker Roque Santa Cruz, as the majority of clubs face up to the realities of the difficult financial climate.


January has not historically been the time to snap up big name players, and I imagine given our current position in the league it is not likely to help in attracting any players who may be wavering.

Logically, summer would be the more likely period to bring in 'name' players, and hopefully we will be dealing from a greater strength than we currently are.

A surprising article nonetheless though given the way the media has been concerning our transfer speculation.

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