Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Schalke 04 fixture

Hey Danny,

I’m a Blue who has lived in Cologne for the last 2 years.

My girlfriend is manageress of one of the largest pubs over here (certainly the largest Irish pub) and after having a word with her (and knowing that a large amount of blues will be staying in Cologne as it is 1 hour on the train from Gelsenkirchen) she has agreed to keep the pub open to at least between 3am & 5am (depending on how many people are interested).

What I would like is for you to post this on your site and – I know tickets haven’t gone on sale yet – for people who are interested in meeting up with the rest of the Blue masses to email me to show their interest (my email address is ).

What I will then do is to email everyone back once the tickets have actually gone on sale, to find out who is deffo coming.

I'd imagine that Schalke would be the more popular of the two away fixtures we have in the group stages, so for any of you making the trip over feel free to get in touch with Calvin at the above email address or alternatively contact myself.

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Anonymous said...

I will say that Cologne is a wicked City, and having watched football on every continent apart from Africa (Just realised that!) that the atmosphere at German games is right up there with any if they're up for it - as anyone who followed the world cup will know, it's a good place to visit, so I can highly recommend going.

I'd go, but I'm now marooned on a desert island that is Australia.