Monday, September 01, 2008

Deadline day - Robinho signing confirmed

So says Sky Sports anyway, and for a fee of £32.5 million. And the BBC now report it as well.

I cannot imagine any other signings will get announced by us on what City apart, has been a fairly lacklustre deadline day, and still no word on Berbatov.

With that I'm off to bed as I've been going at this non-stop since I got in from work (so who knows what Jack must be feeling like after his sterling efforts today) and I'm about to drop.

Hopefully when we all wake up tomorrow, there won't have been any last minute hitches and Robinho will shortly be paraded as a City player, which, with the signing of SWP as well should make the Chelsea game an interesting one in couple of weeks time.

It really will be just liking watching Brazil....

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