Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hughes the likely choice to replace Sven

Manchester City were last night trying to agree a compromise with Blackburn Rovers that would allow Mark Hughes to replace the sacked Sven-Goran Eriksson as their manager. Hughes will not come cheap, with four members of his coaching staff expected to follow him, but that will not be a problem for a man of Thaksin Shinawatra's wealth and the City owner hopes to conclude the deal before the end of the week.

The club announced they had approached Blackburn yesterday morning, with Blackburn swiftly confirming that they had 'reluctantly' allowed Hughes permission to speak with us.

I would be surprised if matters had progressed this far unless Hughes was certain to agree to take over, yet there is a report in The Times that Hughes may be aiming to flush out an approach from Chelsea by agreeing to speak with us - although I would be surprised if Hughes had unanimous backing from all at Chelsea.

No doubt Hughes would split opinion if he was appointed - with some strong plus points but also some downside about him. I'll save a more in depth look until any appointment is confirmed.

UPDATE: Blackburn have confirmed in a club statement that both clubs have agreed a compensation package for Hughes' potential move, clearing the way for talks between the club and Hughes with a view to him being appointed as the replacement for Sven.

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Anonymous said...

If and when MH is appointed I wonder if he really is the manager to "man manage" players of the cailbre of Rolandinho. Or should it be expected that our beloved chairman will say that the Brazilian SUPERSTAR will be starter in every game (for the finances).
On the plus sign MH will no doubt promote the academy and hopefully make a couple of astute signings.
Qu. Was it really so neccessary to endure SGE into such and embarassing situation? Why a month before the end of the season was it so important to announce "the review"?
Did SGE really want Rolandinho-I think not- and I feel that the latter is being forced on the manager for clearly financial reasons. The club has lost out on Modric,the Jo transfer is taking more than 3 months to conclude with gossip of other teams interested.
Never a dull moment at City although I wish there was.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that the fair play slot in Europe has now gone to a manager who has, what did Wenger say, a love of violence. Under Hughes, they'll wonder how the hell a side like City were let into European competition.