Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Things get worse for Thaksin

Thaksin Shinawatra has been forced to make a public apology in Thailand after his name was emblazoned on a Thai flag by Manchester City fans.

A Thai flag bearing the message "Thank you Thaksin", which was unfurled during last week's Eastlands defeat by Fulham, has landed Thaksin in hot water in his home country, with prime minister Samak Sundaravej "strongly disapproving" of the flag.

"I saw it, but was occupied with the game," Thaksin said. "The fans are now well aware that the actions caused unhappiness in Thailand and they asked me to convey their regrets."


I'm not sure who was responsible for the flag in the first place, but given some of the other bits of 'publicity' we have seen in and around the ground this season it wouldn't surprise if Thaksin was behind the placing of it.

What is surprising are Thaksin's comments that the fans 'asked me to convey their regrets'. Given the story surfaced in Thailand over the past few days (and well after 'Sven-gate' broke) it is difficult to comprehend any kind of fan action in support of him so these attributed comments merely seem to try and save face for Thaksin in what seems a political own-goal back home.

I'm not sure whether this will necessary cause him any more unpopularity given he is making a decent fist of that already, but what could be concerning for Thaksin is that whilst there was a minority of fans who were either very anti-Thaksin or po-Thaksin, I'm certain that a majority of fans were prepared to give him the benefit of doubt over his past, this was done on the basis of the investment he brought and bright future that was promised.

If this is threatened, then this majority may well not decide to put his past to one side and things could well turn sour for him, particularly if the current issue continues to drag on and on.

Majority hated or loved, but most happy for investment and put suspicions to one side - careful this doesn't disintegrat

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Anonymous said...

If we're honest, what self-respecting city fans are going to bow down to Mr Thaksin and the non-comprimising attitude of politicians in Thailand. This is not Thailand!! It's the North-West of England and they need to make more efforts to understand us and our way of thinking. How can saying thankyou be seen as anything other than a nice gesture. It's ridiculous. My prediction is that there will be more and more cultural gaffs on both sides over the next couple of seasons before we get sold to the highest bidder. Thats if there are any.

Anonymous said...

I am a season ticket holder and get to as many games as i can and because of the internet have seen nearly every minute of every game. I share Thaskin's view about this season and some of the recent performences have been woeful. I can't see Eriksson changing the way he plays the game and frankly i'm now as bored going to games as I was under Pearce. (who incidently would have finished as high as Sven with 50m and the kids a year older)
Thaskin will not tolerate mediocraty and nothing pleases me more. I went to Liverpool and was embarrassed to be honest. What exactly has Sven done? I like the bloke and quite enjoyed seeing our manager on the front pages after bedding another beauty. I want stability as it is clear that helps but in modern football with millionaire players there has to be some kind of fear from the players in regard the manager. Do you think they are scared of Sven? I cannot stand players not putting in the effort and thats exactly whats been happening lately. We don't want no Phil Scolari, we don't want Morinhio, well i'm sorry everyone but I do.

Anonymous said...

People are so pathetic, banging on about political motives & dreaming up a conspiracy theory that Thaksin was behind the placing of the flag, any non deluded, non braindead, sane person would realise that thaksin is not stupid enough to insult his own Country just to make City fans look bad, pathetic Conspiracy theory, if you going to delude yourselves & dream then atleast make it stickable.

This City fan wants Sven out, this City fan hails Thaksin, the man that practically saved City & everyone knows its fact, only others lining up to buy city were certain failures in the making. Thaksin has a master plan & aslong as we do not get cheated & are respected & City rise to CL status eventually then i am happy, Thaksin has done nothing wrong as far as im concerned.

grayfield18 said...

I really doubt anyone would ring and apologise over this. Is it just my dodgy memory but aren't the club shop selling T shirts with the Thai flag with Thaksin's name and 07 on them. Maybe that's where the fans got the idea from in the first place.......