Sunday, November 11, 2007

Portsmouth V Manchester City - Review

3rd versus 6th in the premiership in a game that up until a couple of years ago could have quite easily been 3rd and 6 th bottom of the championship.

Both teams have wealthy backers of course these days and with that comes a demand for success which both are achieving at the moment. A win for city and a win for Blackburn could see us briefly go top ! whilst a win for Portsmouth could see them snatch the third place we currently hold.

On the injury front , Micah should return with Michael Johnson out for around 2/3 weeks.
Personally if Nedum Onohua is fit I would like to see him going into right back, Corluka into the middle and Micah pushed into the centre of midfield where he played most of his youth football. I just think his athleticism alongside Hamman's know how would give us a lot more presence in midfield, which is something we have lacked recently.

Prediction :

There has never been a goal less draw at Fratton Park between the two teams, and both sides have a 100% record when scoring first so it could be first goal wins !! Portsmouth have the superior firepower and are at home so ith should make for a good open game. Im going for a city defeat im afraid 2-1 to Harrys twitchers.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously the game itself has overtaken this article, so a couple of comments on the game. I don't know how it looks to other blues, but it seems to me that Sven is giving certain players enough rope to hang themselves - certainly enough to be able to say that "You can't claim we didn't give you a chance". We saw Darius running and hustling for almost the whole match. Nobody could fail to give him credit for his effort and work rate. But you all know what the buts are. The lad can't finish - he's got himself into a mindset that says "I can't score except against Villa". He should have been able to toe-poke at least 3 last night, but he can't do it.

Samaras has been brought in several times - he can't do it either. I feel sorry for the lad, he was screwed up as much as Alan Smith was at United. He doesn't deserve to become a makeweight, but that's the way it looks as though things are going.

The most incredible thing that's happening is with the keepers. Sven is keeping the Swedish international goalkeeper sat on the bench - maybe not happily on the bench(!) while he tries to forge a world class keeper out of Kasper and Joe. And it's working!

Come on guys - who's next?