Saturday, September 29, 2007

Elano & Petrov too good for geordies

Newcastle become the latest club to feel the force of Sven Goran Eriksson's blue revoloution.

Despite taking a suprise lead through the impressive Obafemi Martins, Newcastle held the lead for just eight minutes. In reality they were lucky to get eight minutes as a city side clearly high on confidence and with lynchpins's Elano and Petrov, finally looking like they are approaching full fitness, pulling the strings that newcastle could clearly not live with.

Emile Mpenza was the first to trouble the geordies after Shaky Given fluffed a routine clearance.
Martins scored and to be fair the game was in the balance at this stage. Second half was a different matter all together with Elano pulling the strings in the middle and Petrov roasting the Newcastle right back when ever he wanted. Petrov Equalised with a tap in during the first half. Mpenza who had his best game of the season bagged the second straight after half time and Elano finally wound the game up with a goal that all i can say about is watch match of the day. In truth city should have sewn the game up much earlier with chance after chance from petrovs marauding runs down the left.

However that would be nit picking and city where simply too good for fat sams game but limited troops.

On the pitch Petrov and Elano are as close to genuine world class as we have seen in a long time, off the pitch Franks billions and Svens undoubted world class make these happy happy days to be a blue.



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Anonymous said...

Elano on my new kit for christmas, I think I'm in love

Ben said...

Hmm, my comments on our new defensive resolve under Fat Sam look a bit foolish now, don't they? Pretty even first half, I thought (in fact, it was a stonewall penalty when Richards brought down Milner), but the best team definitely won in the end. Even I had to admire Elano's goal - he deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Ben - see my last comment on your pre-match post mate...

Well, Elano seems to be something else. But just a comment on Petrov. The only players I can compare him with are Barnes and Coleman. He's braver than Barnes, and unlike Coleman, can finish as well. I think we may well be looking at the best left winger City have ever had.

Looking forward to Bojinov's return. (It's just like watching Brazil...)

Ben said...

Very kind of you, Wigan Blue - cheers.

Best of luck for the rest of the season - though playing the way you are, I doubt you'll need it. Currently the most attractive side to watch after Arsenal, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

city goals can be found at this side : just select from d playlist