Wednesday, August 22, 2007


MANCHESTER City have no plans to release utility man Sun
Jihai despite media reports to the contrary last weekend.The 29-year-old has not
featured in the Blues' rise to the top of the Premiership after being given
extra time off to recover from the Asia Cup.However, boss Sven-Goran Eriksson
said: "He has not been told he can leave. He is a valuable and very versatile
member of our squad."Jihai added on
"I haven't been told by either the Manager or anyone at the Club that I can
leave."It's been a good start to the season, but hopefully I'll get the
opportunity to show my quality. Of course I am happy to fight for my

I didn't catch this one over the weekend, and I'm not sure where the 'media reports' originated from - perhaps the same sources that are claiming the club are anxious over Micah Richard's contract status, despite him being tied to the club for a further two and a half years.

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