Friday, August 10, 2007

Keeper signed

City have given former Brighton & Hove Albion
goalkeeper Richard Martin on a month long trial period.
The 19-year-old has
been watched several times over the years by City goalkeeping coach Eric Steele,
and played for the reserves last Saturday at Accrington.

So, not Scott Carson, not Marco Amelia, Mark Shwarzer or Jussi Jaskelainen. Either this means Eriksson cannot get the guy he wants, or he is happy to go with Schmeichel and Hart until Isaksson returns from his hairline fracture.

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Anonymous said...

lol u actually think we could get Mark Shwarzer or Jussi Jaskelainen, they wouldnt sell to us, look how strong our team is now, everyone knows sooner or later City are going to fire up & no one wants that to happen on thier doorstep, problems are Amelia, if we did get him would he be elegible to play vs Westham, not atall unless he signed right now, Scott Carson has since departed to another club on loan, ofc Sven is going to play 1 of our young keepers but i actually think something is happening behind closed doors & aslong as they get a keeper in the door defore the window closes we will have a new keeper signed for our second fixture, lets hope.


Anonymous said...

Actually made up - thought we were going to go for a major foreign signing, but this lad will keep our boys on their toes.

It just gets better and better! Best team in the land and all the world! See you next Saturday!

Anonymous said...

See Tony Wilson has popped his clogs. Not a blue, but he didn't push his redness either. A true Mancunian and I'll miss him for his common sense.

Anonymous said...

agree with wigan blue tony bad choice of team but a character a proper manc said as it was seen will be badly missed RIP