Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Weaver signs for Charlton

Charlton signed striker Svetoslav Todorov from Portsmouth
and goalkeeper Nicky Weaver from Manchester City on free transfers on Wednesday.
Weaver, 28, signed a three-year deal after 10 years at City - during which
he made more than 200 appearances....."Nicky hasn't had the breaks in his career
that he has deserved, but this is a great opportunity for him while Svetoslav's
quality and precision, which is proven in this division, will be very important
to us, especially in home games."
-BBC Sport.
Weaver has effectively been in limbo since the Stuart Pearce sacking which reportedly took a reported two-year contract offer off the table, and it is probably not coincidental that the move was made a day or so after Eriksson arrived at the club.

I think it is a good move for him going to a club looking to bounce back into the Premiership, and he should slot in well to replace Scott Carson who has returned to Liverpool.

The way he has battled back from injury was impressive as his career looked to be all over at one point and he must have sensed a real opportunity when the club sold David James and he subsequently beat out Andreas Isaksson at the beginning of last season.

But, (whilst the timing was strange) I agreed with the decision and I don't think anyone can doubt that Isaksson is the better long term option for the club (and perhaps being Swedish may also have come in handy). I am also certain that the development of both Joe Hart and Kaspar Schmeichel over the past year must have been a factor in the decision.

Is this then the first sign of Sven assessing the squad and making a personnel decision? If so, there will need to many more made in avery short space of time.

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Anonymous said...

Nicky was a blue hero, although he wasn't one from the academy. No blue will ever forget his heroics to get us up.

Personally, I'd have given him a testimonial before he goes.

But... To be honest, it makes sense. Isaakson (with the defence in front of him), kept us up last season. Results did improve when Nicky was dropped. And we have a pair of superb backups champing at the bit behind him. And a new young keeper 'retained'.

NW will always be 'one of ours' though, and we'll always have good thoughts for him.