Sunday, July 15, 2007

City 3, Doncaster 1

City came from behind to defeat Rovers 3-1 Saturday in Doncaster. All three City goals came in the 2nd Half, with Bernardo Corradi (why is he still on the squad?!), Micah Richards, and Emile Mpenza finding the back of the net.

Approximately 1,200 City supporters were in attendance...Sven was booed by the Doncaster fans. It was Sven's first club managerial match since Lazio in 2001. Rolando Bianchi was at the ground, but will not be part of the squad until the Sweden tour.

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Anonymous said...

Of course Sven was booed by the Doncaster fans. He'll be booed by West Ham, Derby and the rags. Don't care if we lose to them as long as we don't have 10 behind the ball and the lads are trying. And if we stuff them, no doubt we'll find something to say to his bollockship!