Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Allardyce 'Flabbergasted' Over Barton

Well you have to hand it too Fat Sam, his teams might not entertain but he certainly does ! In what can only be described as a joke interview , Allardyce has dragged his huge head into the row between City and Barton stating City are out of order.

Interview in Full

Just a few points Sam :

"They are out of order. This is a private matter, a confidential issue that should not have been made public,"

Your right Sam it is a private matter, so dont go shooting your mouth off to the Manchester Evening News.

"I'm flabbergasted and want the situation resolved"

Not as flabbergasted as I was that the so principled NUFC that sacked Kevin bond for been involved in the bung scandal then appointed who a TV show perpetrated to be the main protagonist.

"I am just trying as Newcastle manager to secure a player of this kind and quality and the deal has been held up"

Fair Point Sam, should have been your only statement on the issue.

"I cannot understand it because City didn't pay anything for this player as he came through the youth system and are selling him for over £5million"

What ? So City believe they are in the right (as does Barton) but they should give him the money because he came through the Youth Team ? Ok Sam.

"It's not really for me to comment. All I know is that this is a matter for Joey to sort out and I hope it is resolved as it has stopped him putting pen to paper."

Your fucking right you alleged bung taking Fat Twat 'ITS NOT FOR YOU TO COMMENT' first bit of sense you have made.

For it what its worth I think Barton will end up with the money, and whilst I was originally a bit disappointed that Barton was leaving, Though he had made his position at the club untenable, Im now glad to see the back of the Chav Scum.

The club and supporters have stood by him through THREE Assaults one on a minor, a couple of FA charges and asking for a transfer on deadline day. In Joeys world we 'owe him' the world 'owes him'

So well done to club for showing Joey Barton up for all that he is. When the PFA / FA or whoever finally make us pay up send the money in a big brown envelope to St James Park FAO Sam Allardyce asking when the hypocrite is going to take legal action against Panorama like he promised and ask him to pass it on too the other hypocrite.

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Anonymous said...

Amen Brother.

Anonymous said...

What I still don't understand is how his contract can still be valid after beating up a fellow work colleague!

Imagine this in a "normal" workplace, he'd be out on his ear for gross misconduct.

Anonymous said...

Well made points although I am not so sure Barton will get his money... well not he full amount. The new newcastle manager has skeletons in his cupboard and they should be timed to come out just before the start of the season. Freddie was believed to ask him was there anything to come out that would embarrass the club... big Sam said no.... foolish man

Anonymous said...

What bothers me is this quote

"I can't understand it because City didn't pay anything for this player as he came through the youth system, and they are selling him for over £5m"

I didn't realise Jim Cassell worked for free. It's no wonder Barton wants the money if we haven't been paying him a salary either.

Are we running a charity for hard up footballers?

Anonymous said...

Craig - if his contract is invalid, how can we sell him?

Anonymous - who knows? What can be proved? Big Sam will always come up smelling of garlic...

Mrbelfry - I'm more and more thinking that Jim Cassells should be our next manager. Our best hope of avoiding relegation is our youth. Who better than Jim to manage the youth?

Anonymous said...

@ wigan blue
I would be quite happy to see him gone regardless, as he has had such a disruptive presence amongst the team.

Overall though I am exhausted and utterly disheartened by what's going on at the moment.

The season just gone was bad enough, but Barton, the manager hunt and takeover talk is even worse.

If I was Ashley Shaw, author of Cups for Cock-Ups, I'd be on to the publishers with an outline for part two.

All the best, Craig

PS - my vote would be for Jim Cassells as well

Anonymous said...

Craig - well said. We're all tired , and though it hurts to say it, we're a bigger joke than Chelsea was 50 years ago. Apparently Mr Wardle turned up to one of the Supporters Club meetings last night - not sure if it was the P&W one, and explained what's happening. Didn't see that reported in the MEN. Think we're in for another roller-coaster. But it's the old 'Till I Die' clause that the board are counting on - and that's the one I'm hooked in by.