Monday, November 06, 2006

Charlton 1 City 0

I've not caught anything from Saturday's game apart from the reports I've picked up today, but although it appears it was a much improved away performance ultimately it was the same end result and we slip back towards the relegation zone.

Rather than a report then, I've linked to a selection of the some of the match reports:

Pearce still gloomy as awful away form add misery - The Independent

Bent gets straight to the points - The Guardian

Bent and Carson prove worth to Charlton - The Telegraph

NetAddicks match report

MEN match report

Sky Sports match report

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Anonymous said...

That's a bit lazy. Were you not there?

Anonymous said...

As you are none the wiser, I can confirm that bar a lack of goals this game very nearly finished 2-5.

Anonymous said...

told you that nicky weaver would be given grief....we don't forget down here. We are like elephants in that respect!