Monday, October 02, 2006

Everton 1 City 1

Finally I get a prediction correct.

Whilst not quite managing to put back to back Premiership victories together, I think that gaining a point at Goodison Park should leave most fans satisfied as we stemmed the flow of away defeats - doing so against a side who have started the season brightly.

One of the most pleasing aspects for Stuart Pearce must have been the fact that the equaliser came so late on, evidence that the team was willing to keep on battling and that they have definitely responded following the Chesterfield game.

There was a change in tactics adopted by Pearce for this game with a 4-5-1 adopted, Corradi dropping to the bench in favour of Stephen Ireland, but Pearce was not overly convinced that the players fully carried out his system instructions. Possession wise Everton were well ahead over the ninety minutes and David Moyes was certainly disappointed that they had not added a second to kill the game off.

The game though was largely overshadowed by the Joey Barton incident following the final whistle - with all the match reports leading with it as their main headline. Whilst revealing his arse to the Everton fans was, in hindsight not the most advisable of moves I wouldn't necessarily describe it as a provocative or inflammatory gesture.

A thing I don't understand is what would make somebody actually go to the trouble of contacting the police to make an formal complaint about - don't people have better things to do? And what has rarely been mentioned in all of this is the level (and nature) of abuse handed out to Barton by the Everton fans. Perhaps Barton should make a complaint of his own?

Still, it must be the last thing Pearce would have wanted to focus on in the post-match interviews and he must be getting quite familiar with police procedures in recent weeks.

Match reports:

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Anonymous said...

The Goodison crowd have finally taken flower - they've become a bunch of pansies.

Anonymous said...

You think showing your arse in front of kids is acceptable do you? Yes he received unecessary abuse but that's part and parcel of the game.

Kinkladze said...

Well good result on Saturday. I was hoping for a 0-0 as I didn’t think we would score.
Good to see Pearce change the system for a change.
Think in the 1st half it worked. Richard Dunne was awesome yet again. I only wish other players would give there all like him. Already on his way to player of the season again.

Tango if you think that taking your kid to a footy match and seeing Bartons bare bum is not acceptable then you are sadly mistaken.
I was sat in the park end of the ground and the abuse and language that was shouted was the same as any other football match. The same at a home match where I sit. The language is part of the game and is just peoples passion coming to the top.
OK Barton got a bit extra and it was personal but he is old enough (wont say mature!) and gets paid enough to deal with it which he did. He just had a moment of stupidity and thought it would be funny to show his arse in response!
So if you take your kid to the game and you think that Bartons bum is the worse thing they are going to see then you better buy some ear muffs for them so they cant hear the language and maybe a blindfold just incase Thatcher is playing and misjudges a tackle again.

Anonymous said...

Quite a comical response really and you are completely missing the point. Barton is a role model to kids unfortunately and yes, it is unacceptable. No need for the police involved he just should no better...oh and I'm a City fan who didn't take my kid to the game.

Anonymous said...

Notso much the game but more about the injury list... now DABO.
Is it connected with Osario leaving or is it the gruelsome training excercises? How many players have been injured during training.In all the SP will probably have a fullish squad only at the end of the year.

Kinkladze said...

Barton is not a role model to kids. I agree that footballers are role models but not Barton.
If he is I am adding more bolts and locks to my front door and never leaving the house again just incase some kid stubs a cigar in my eye or bites me in a drunken rage while out in public.
You always get characters in football who cause trouble like the Robbie Savages.
On a serious note I would rather some kid see Joey Bartons arse in the distance then some of the horror tackling people like Essien or Mike Brown put in on a weekly basis. At the end of the day it was just a cheeky little stunt he pulled. No harm done. And a big fuss over nothing thoug hhe will get ticking off from FA!

Kartik said...

Well Micah Richards behaved himself this time after scoring a stoppage time goal. That is a very good sign that he has matured. As for Barton, nothing he does ever surprises me. Joey Barton is charecter and every city supporter knows what he is all about.

Anonymous said...

Can't make Bitter & Blue comments with certain words in any more?

Danny Pugsley said...

To the last anonymous poster:
I wasn't aware there was any block on certain words. Email me with what you were trying to post and I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

26-12-06, More breaking news from this crap site