Monday, September 18, 2006

Pearce under pressure?

The bookies certainly think so anyway.

William Hill have shortened the odds on Stuart Pearce being fthe first Premiership manager o be fired this season to just 3/1 following the poor start to the season after Glenn Roeder's odds were lengthened over the weekend.

There are more than a few of you out there who are now beginning to voice the opinion that Pearce is not the right man for the job and are of the feeling that time is beginning to run out and he doesn't have many games left to halt the slide seen since the end of last season.

In fact, take away the excellent start when he took over as caretaker manager and the bonus of last seasons hot start and his record has been a little shaky. In his fifty games in charge of the club, over half (26) have ended in defeat and this includes the shocking return from away games during this calendar year. This has also been coupled with an air of apathy that has begun to engulf the terraces since the latter part of last season as fans begin to realise that a ceiling has perhaps been reached athe club both on and off the pitch with the current powers in charge.

Since taking over from Kevin Keegan he has definitely put his stamp on the side and personnel wise half of the side that lined up against Blackburn were brought in (either from the youth team or via transfer) since Keegan departed and there has also been numerous departures (some admittedlty not entirely of Pearce's own choice). Added to this is the revamping of the backroom staff - most notably the departure of Arthur Cox and the arrival (and increasing role) of Steve Wigley.

At the time of Pearce's arrival I wasn't convinced he was the right man for the job as there potentially better and more experienced candidates out there. Whether or not he is under pressure from the board is not something that is known at this point, but at this stage I don't believe that he is. He appears to have a good working relationship with the board and is not over demanding in the way that Keegan was which led to the split and the ousting of David Bernstein.
Would the board sack him? Not at this stage no. But losing Premiership status (or merely the threat of it ) is catastrophic in this day and age and should we get to the Christmas period in or around the relegation zone then there may be some twitchy trigger fingers developing in the club hierarchy. Added to the fact is the clause in his contract which apparantly means Pearce or the club can terminate the contract with no compensation required. Given our history of paying former managers that is something that may appeal when coming to a decison.

But the board know it isn't an easy job. His hands have been relatively tied by the lack of funds available - although he hasn't exactly been forced to raid the piggy bank, he has done a good job in easing the talented crop of youngsters into the senior set up and he appears to be a popular figure at all levels of the club.

I don't believe that there would be a shortage of candidates to take on the job though - whether or not money is available as undoubtedly the job does hold prestige and there cannot be many more bigger challenges to be the one to 'get it right' at City.

Despite being the new favourite for the axe, for me Pearce still has plenty of room to manouvere without the need to look over his shoulder but he as much as anyone else will be aware it is a business where you live and die by your results and ultimately if he doesn't deliver there will only be one outcome.

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Kartik said...

very good piece. Pearce's star has really fallen since our outstanding start to the last campaign. At the time he was being mentioned for the England job.

Budgetary constraints and some of the players left over from Keegan's era haven't helped, but some of the big transfers like Samaras and Corradi have not excatly worked out either.

The time is running thin for Pearce but he still has some time to right the ship.

Anonymous said...

in answer to Kartik, Corradi has not exactly worked many games has he played ? Samaras this season has been played out of position for most of the games he has played.
Talk about vultures flying of dead bodies. With Vassel injured, these are the strikers(+Sturridge)who we have to "go to war with" till January so its more sensible to support them and encourage them.
I suggest we wait till HAMMAN/TRABELSI AND BEASLEY are fit and then perhaps the strikers will rcv the supply they require and more action in and around the penalty area.
With regards SP,tied down to a budget that is an embarrasment for a PL team ...and no I do not think money buys instant success(re:Spurs/Liverpool at the moment)but when the manager puts all his money on his midfield target (thombert) and is denied days b4, the end of the transfer deadline.Plus the surprise Cole transfer- did we really expect to rely on a 35 year old/injury prone striker to knock the goals in? Where is/was his back up? Lack of scouting in the lower divisions and abroad.
...and if the club wanted to replace SP who- Sven (no thanku)Curbs (a possibilty no doubt, but why should he in all honesty)
IN short keep the faith,a few goals plus more important a FEW back 2 back wins -personally do care if it is 1 nil- and the confidence will return.
Perhaps some one out there can explain to me the(lack of) thinking behind the RED boots a fine way to start at your new club.
Whose replaced JC Osario or is another cost cutter?

Anonymous said...

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Kartik said...

True, some of the troubles have been caused by players playing out of position and nobody capable on the left side (I hope that Beasley can change that). I don't think Pearce's time is up yet but certainly things have to turn around really soon for him to feel secure as the manager of the club.