Thursday, August 31, 2006

Beasley in, but Cole and Sibierski depart

Barring any last minute further deadline moves, Stuart Pearce looks to have completed the make-up of his squad for the first half of the season at least.

Andrew Cole's transfer to Portsmouth was completed this morning, with Cole claiming he was keen to move to a club 'looking to push forward'. The MEN reported that Cole will see his pay increase by £15,000 per week and has an extra year guaranteed on his contract - something the club were will to match length wise (if not wage wise) on the proviso he plays twenty games this season.

A £500,000 return is decent business really and I can't argue that the club should have matched what Portsmouth were offering, but it is disappointing that a player of Cole's influence works his way back to full fitness and departs before we see any of the benefits.

The move for Olivier Thomert died off late yesterday, with rumours surrounding the possible arrival of DaMarcus Beasley. That has come to fruition now as the American international joins from PSV - albeit only on a season long loan. He will undoubtedly bring some much needed width to the side and is a good pick up.

But, out of the blue though came the news that Antoine Sibierski had left the club. In a big suprise, he has remained in the Premiership as he has left to join Newcastle in a one-year deal. No fee has been mentioned so far and this maybe more of a case of getting a player of the books. A very strange move for me by Newcastle, and as big a 'trier' Sibierski is, it won't be a move mourned by many fans.

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Ben said...

You're mystified by our signing of Sibierski?!! Magnify your mystification by ten and you'll be close to what we're thinking...

Ben said...

I should add, for what it's worth, that the Andy Cole move smacked of money from the off. He doesn't give a toss about Portsmouth - it's the £15,000 extra a week that's got him dancing to 'Appy 'Arry's tune.

I guess it just means that Samaras and Corradi will have to hit goalscoring form sooner rather than later, eh?

Anonymous said...

proves once more that our scouting system lacks originality and scope(no doubt due to finance)esp when you see the signings from whu duo and blackburn nonda ...
Cole leaving for 500 possibly but doubtful million, good deal and opens up for Sturridge full debut + the "sky will be the limit for him" and perhaps odd Etuhu bench warming during the season.
Keep the faith its City after all.

Simon said...

disagree with anonymous, strangely we're actually stronger despite being 5 players down.

If you look at who left and who joined, we lost 3 quality players and gained 8 - a net increase of 5. Cole, James and maybe Sommeil were good. The other 10 were a waste of space. In a sense we lost 3, plus Sibierski who was dreadful but got to play anyway - and another 9 that were not doing anything anyway.


James is replaced by Isaksson and Weaver's fit. Hart replaces Geert.
Isaksson is only 24, Hart only 19, Weaver seems to be doing an ok job right now.


Bischoff never played so doesn't really need replacing. Any reserve matches he got are better used to bring through youngsters. Sommeil replaced by Trabelsi - you can't argue with that really.


Our midfield last year seemed lightweight - we were undermanned in midfield. In particular we needed someone to help shore up the defence - to protect them in the holding role. When fit Reyna was ok but... anyway we have Dabo and Hamann now so that's good. Willo was lightweight, Croft simultaneously lightweight and overweight, Haapala was never first team material anyway. The problem going forwards was on the left. Musampa was deceptively slow for someone with a half decent pass - we now have Hamann. And Riera didn't adapt to the pace of the game - we've just brought in DaMarcus Beasley IMO an absolute coup, I'm made up :) he's exactly what we needed.


Cole spent 8 months injured. He has been replaced by Corradi - not as good in front of goal but not injured or carrying a long term injury. Sibierski is dreadful and has been replaced by Dickov who, to be honest, isn't very good either but is annoying and an asset because he irritates other teams. Bermingham wasn't good enough to break into the first team and BWP was exceedingly lightweight. Their removal leaves a gap for Millar and Sturridge to fill, only good can come of this

Kids are coming through. We had no money for transfers and no, we're not where we'd like the team to be but in the circumstances I guess it's fair enough, we aren't making the same mistakes again and ending up like Leeds United.

Anonymous said...

Simon explains the changes in the team well and I had no problem with any departure.True when all return to fitness DH/AI/NO and the new signings settle in, all will be ok.
But leaving the known left flank weakness to virtually the last minute of dead line day -granted rumours of Dunn or Thombert coming- was cutting it fine. The club had virtually a season to concerntrate on replacing Musampa/Riera.
Re:Scouting system look how far teams are scouting-and not has beens- Africa,Easten Europe...Israel....South America .The players signed for the various clubs are all under 20 years old and although I'm all for home grown players I feel the academy requires and uplift to the next stage.

Danny Pugsley said...

Interesting point regarding the scouting system.
I have written about this before as it seems the club have a deliberate policy to not place too great an emphasis on scouting abroad.
Whilst we do seem to have an impressive crop coming through, I can't help thinking we are missing out by not being more active in scouting younger players in Europe and beyond.

Anonymous said...

.... Cole announces he wishes to leave 4-5 days b4 transfer deadline
was there no any potential signings around to be made or did SP think to rely on Sturridge (Cole) and Miller (for also injury prone Vassel). are we able still to sign free agents like Matt JANSSEN for example.
Re: scouting system- in my part of the world 6-7 young players(15-18) have been signed in the last1/2 year by leading European clubs.