Wednesday, May 03, 2006

SWP - the real story?

Credit to Arsenal news review for the following piece regarding SWP ahead of our game against them tomorrow night when the other half of North London will be wearing Blue as the battle for fourth place continues.

To paraphrase the key points of the article:

'Ian Wright told his stepson, "Arsene can't sign you this summer, but he can sign you next summer, so sit tight for one more season at City."
Allegedly, at a time when Stuart Pearce was confident of keeping Shaun for 2005-2006, the winger's attitude changed overnight following a call from Sven, who told him, "I want you at a bigger club."
Allegedly, it was Peter Kenyon who then signed Shaun, not Mourinho - who told Kenyon, "I won't play him."
CLEARLY, SWP is at the wrong club'.

I don't know the 'source' of the article but it may explain the sudden about-turn that SWP performed prior to the season.

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Anonymous said...


pratYk said...

exactly ... ANR RUles
the gaffer's been writing some brilliant articles for years ... and he's right .. most of the times .. almost all the times ...

Anonymous said...

ANR totally sucks lol

Do not believe a word he writes.
Really, he's right sometimes? Bcuz I cant remember the last ANR headline that actually came true.

We (Arsenal) were going to sign Beckham and he was sure as in "this is not just a story from an insider, this is fact ppl get ready"

We were going to sign SWP in 2004 as in "this is fact ppl"

Another fact from good ol Myles Palmer was that Ashley Cole were gonna sign for Chelsea in 2004. No I mean that was fact !
Myles knew an insider.

And he often gives the exact dates lol

And this is just his transfer stories !

He has a gift for writing excactly what fans want to read.
BUT it hardly ever comes true and ppl write him to ask him not to predict any Arsenal results and transfers bcuz he's always wrong (90% of the times maybe) and ppl are afraid he jinxes it lol

This story, without even having read it, my guess is its pure bollox.
You know you really wanna read that story and that headline, its so interesting.

But its 100% BS once again imo :-)

Anonymous said...

Could be true, but mad says, I wouldn't give Myles Palmer any more credence than anyone else. I think his "insiders" are concession stand employees and janitorial staff.

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous is overplaying Myles' contacts. He has a press pass. As someone with genuine contacts I can tell you that his is one of the few websites that often has articles printed off and handed around amongst the staff. They call it the comic.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Myles but do I care? No offence meant. You can tell when a story is true or pokie pies. The SWP stroy has no iota of truth in it. 100% bollocks. Sorry gotta say the truth!!

Anonymous said...

This story is bullshit. Ian Wright tried to engineer the move to Chelsea from the start of the summer, but they were holding out for 60k a week. As soon as Chelsea upped their offer to 60k, he made it clear he wanted to leave. Simple as that. Arsenal were never really in the race as they only bid £10m. No-one else apart from that made a formal offer.

Anonymous said...

Myles palmer just one of those 'media' folk. As an arsenal fan he actaully quite likes tottenham... says it all really. To him footy's an intellectual excercise... and he comes out with some of the worst rubbish I've ever read.

tommigooner said...

My vote goes on the 'Myles Palmer spouts more shite than truth pile' - he's a journo and acts as if he ALWAYS has the inside track on things. Mad.Arsenal I make you right mate - none of his so called 'exclusives' has ever come off - it's pure bollocks. Also on the this new story Ian Wright said from the start his boy should go to The Bank of Chelsea and not The Arsenal..

Myles Palmer isn't even as he puts it 'an Arsenal fan' he likes the way they play, history, and the way the carry themselves but he aint no fan - end of the day he's a journo with a blog - it's that simple. Obviously being a journo his writing is a lot more precise, less ranting (sometimes) well constructed however it's still a blog. Did anyone read him having pop at Ashley Cole? Went right into one - but the SWP story - bunch of arse in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Got you a few hits though, didn't it? lol

Anonymous said...

I'd say Myles gets more right than most of the newspapers, especially The Scum - and enough mugs believe everything they read in that.

Anonymous said...

Myles Palmer has been known to steal others' work and fob it off as his own - ask Arseblog(ger). He recently posted a piece about G14 that I read on a Chelsea site ages ago and made out it was from a 'Chelsea fan'. After learning of his penchant for nicking other people's work, I contacted the original author and he replied to say he hadn't given permission for Palmer to use it.

A right arsehole... full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Actually a fan sent that piece to the site, and it looks like they published it thinking it was the fan's opinion rather than he'd taken it from another site. Accusations of plagiarism are very serious, and you should be careful of whom you aim them at.

Anonymous said...

Accusations of plagiarism are very serious

Why Jose wants G14 to become G15
Chelsea fan Steve offers history lesson to Gooners

So is publishing someone else's work without permission. Using the letter-from-a-rival-fan excuse is a novel way of committing copyright infringement and I expect better from a writer of Myles' standing.

Do you have connections to ANR? If so I can put you in contact with the author of the G14 piece and you can issue an apology and give him proper attribution.

Anonymous said...

See here for Arseblog's trouble with Palmer stealing his AGM report, which Palmer eventually removed:

Google cache: Arseblog AGM report

Scroll down to see the relevant, highlighted text.

Has anybody contacted Chelsea Blog about this?