Friday, January 22, 2010

Weiss joins Bolton on loan

As per the MEN:
MANCHESTER City winger Vladimir Weiss has joined Bolton on loan until the end of the season.

The young Slovakian has made four appearances for the Blues this season and scored in City's 3-0 win over Arsenal in the Carling Cup.

He has now been sent to Bolton in a bid to gain more first-team experience.
And now confirmed on the official site.

I posted a week or so about the merits of Weiss being loaned out and the question is whether his long term development will be better suited by remaining with us, training and being around the first team squad and getting some minutes on occasion, or whether regular (we assume) football at Bolton for half a season will be the 'finishing school' for him to come back and be ready to step in for 2010/11.

As prodiguous a talent Weiss is, it is still a big call from Owen Coyle, newly installed as Bolton boss and in the thick of a relegation battle, to bring in a young, untested player at Premier League level. It is perhaps an indication of his intent as to the style of football he wants to play - something that is an important consideration in the decision where Weiss ended up.

It is also a World Cup year of course, and Weiss is very much expected to be part of Slovakia's squad so the need to be playing regularly ahead of the tournament would also have been a factor.

The only surprise for me is that the deal is set up now, when there was every likelihood Weiss would have played on Sunday at Scunthorpe. Perhaps an indication as to the side Roberto Mancini is looking to put out?

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Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

I'm glad that he's going to get more action as long as he doesn't play against us and that he comes back as he is going to be a great player...