Monday, January 25, 2010

Robinho move edging closer?

Things appear to gathering pace with some subtance to the story other than comments attributed to Robinho, with ESPN quoting Santos press Arnaldo Hase:

"Tomorrow there will be a meeting that may be decisive for good or for bad," Hase told Reuters. "City would accept a six-month loan, Santos want to negotiate for six months or longer, but we will be happy if the deal is closed for six months.

"Under our proposal, Santos would pay Robinho's wages. The player already said to us he is open to earn less here than in Manchester. If everything works out well, Robinho could be a really cheap signing for Santos because we have a lot of partners interested in financially supporting Robinho's return to Santos."

Interestingly, Sky Sports are reporting that Santos are keener on an eighteen month loan as opposed to a six month loan which we are believed to be in favour of.

Additionally, the BBC carried a story this afternoon that also suggested we were in agreement of a move (although it didn't state a permanent or loan move) on the condition that we have first option on youngsters Paulo Henrique Ganso and Neymar.

We've yet to hear anything solid from the club (Mancini's evasive Scunthorpe post-match interview aside), but it seems a move is appearing increasingly likely.

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CptPattern said...

God i hope it's true. You know, last christmas (actually the one before last) i went away to Pompey and West Brom and after one of those games i was so annoyed i put a post on the MEN site saying that i couldn't care less if i never saw Robinho in a City shirt again. Inevitably, such is my impatient nature, i was left thinking - 'i'm going to regret putting that on t'internet'......but you know , i never have. Thats a lnog time not to be proved wrong - and thats a lot of 160,000 pounds a week.

Justin said...

Luckily, Mr CptPattern, you can justifiably rate Robinho for his select performances this season. Robinho got never enough time to get back to form, back in shape, get his confidence back and overall get back into the game after his long injury.

Robinho is being mistreated by a lot of City fans, for no viable reason. "He doesn't care/He's lazy" is not a viable reason. He does care, that is why went to the linesman to protest the penalty kick awarded at the Everton match, he was the first to arrive even. Also, he is not lazy, he is out of shape for playing so irregularly and little.

Do you really think a summer break would make such a difference to a player? Do you really think there would be such a difference in 14 goals in 1 season and 1 goal this season? Or do you think there might be something else playing up, such as him not having confidence?

Anonymous said...

Robinho is great player that has been miss utilized in City. He did not have a chance to play sequential games and never got his rhythm back.Typically, Brazilian players don't adapt well to the Premier league, language can be a problem and there is not sufficient structure to around the players. I don't understand why invest 32M and not have enough support for the players. Spain and Italy are latim and culturally much closer to Brazil, so many more great Brazilian player will not be successful in the Premier. Robinho going back to Brazil, he will able to show as his talent and will explode in the world cup. Sorry for the City fans but it will be a upset that Robinho left the city.