Sunday, January 10, 2010

Petrov hits out at Hughes

Martin Petrov had spoken previously of his frustration at the lack of opportunities under Mark Hughes, and has reiterated this feeling with these comments as reported in this article in The Mail:

‘I was frustrated with Mark Hughes as the manager and maybe I didn’t handle it very well. For the first time in my life I’d play well then get left out of the team.

‘I would sometimes go home and tell my wife we would have to leave. We were happy as a family in Manchester but my situation was not good at work.

'I was not getting a chance to play when I deserved to. Mark Hughes never explained why.

‘If the manager had not changed, I might have left in January. But in football things can change in one day.

And also the following comments in The Observer:

"I know sometimes I must stay on the bench. Maybe with this manager there will be times when I stay on the bench. We have too many players here and too many good players, so maybe there'll be times when I need to rest – and that's no problem. But it's difficult when you play well, score goals, do good and are the best player in the month of October – and then you spend another three games on the bench. That made me a little bit unhappy because I deserved to play."

It was not without reason that Petrov spent plenty of time on the bench; he was working his way back from serious injury and the form of Craig Bellamy (a Hughes favourite already) was outstanding early in the season. Yet when Petrov got an opportunity he took it, scoring goals and creating for others, yet found himself overlooked time and again.

His contract runs out in the summer, and as of yet, there is no word from either Petrov or the club as to the progress of negotiations (if indeed any have actually begun). Petrov of course can now negotiate with other clubs, but since Mancini arrived - possibly because of injuries - has been a fixture so far in each game, and proving his worth as a creative force in the side and I'm sure his preference would be to remain with the club beyond this season. He certainly has proved worthy of a new deal with his play and I'm sure he will play a key role between now and May.

It would be a huge shame therefore if he were to walk at the end of the 2009/10.

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thomas said...

well he's right of course. He wasn't in Hughes plan therefore didn't feature. The same can be said for the much maligned elano. Did he not score two goals and then was dropped at the start of the season!

Petrov has proved his quality time and time again and i'm happy to see him have an extended run in the team! He's quite versatile despite being so one footed. I hope we can sign an extension for him!

Anonymous said...

yeah i guess Martin Petrov has made his point proven in the Boro match. His pinpoint passing to Benjani was excellent. ManCity fans would be delighted if u stay with the club as it will be very interesting to see u joining forces with Viera from now on!

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah, all well and good, and rigsby can deliver a ball against no mark opposition. he could have played all the time if he wasnt a total bottler. i dont expect everyone to put in booming tackles all day, but against any decent opponent rigsby is a absolute liability. bellamy is twice the player on our left and he`s right footed. that says it all for me, and bleating now hughes is gone says a lot about the actual man.