Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mancini - 'We must stay calm'

"We must stay calm," he asserted. "It's vital that we only think about the game. We have to think about our tactics, know what we are doing at corners and keep our concentration. You play better when you are calm.

I want us to start the game by playing high up the pitch and don't hold back like we did at home. We have to play to win from the first minute."
>>Roberto Mancini.

Interestingly, Mancini has gone with the same side as he did for the first leg.

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Jacob Tilsley-Curtis said...

Unluky lads we had an absalutely rubish defence. We did not lose we gave the the win with two soft goals. I'm just on my way home from the match now. Well done Teves but y did manchini bring on addy. Agian well played city and unluky

Jacob Tilsley-Curtis
Age 11