Friday, January 01, 2010

Mancini rules out Serie A trio

Whilst managers are not usually too willing to confirm details of potential transfer targets, Roberto Mancini has spoken candidly to the Italian media to rule out signing any of the trio of Chiellini, Gattuso or Balotelli, who have all been strongly linked since he arrived at the club:

"Chiellini is the key to Juve's defence so it seems a bit difficult they would let him go. The same goes for Balotelli and Gattuso."
Of the three, only Chiellini makes any sense as a signing, yet I would be extremely surprised if Juve were willing to let him leave.

Apart from a couple of possible additions in areas Mancini identifies, I still maintain that we do not make a raft of signing between now and the end of January.

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