Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mancini on the United defeat

"I feel so sorry for the players, because they could not work any harder, but most of all I feel sorry for our fans. I wanted us to get to the final for them, and unfortunately that won't happen now."

"We have to learn from this defeat and improve. It's easy to improve when you win, but losing like this can teach a team things, so we must pick ourselves up. We have to work hard over the next few months, try to improve and get into the top four by the end of the season. That's possible with these players, and we still have players to come back from injury, or Kolo to come back from Africa. I'm pleased with what the players I could choose from gave me in these two games.

"We're still in the FA Cup and we have a chance to go to Wembley in that competition, which I would love to do for the fans."
>>Roberto Mancini.

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Anonymous said...

I love city, the outfield players put their heart on the line tonight and were a little unlucky I thought, maybe steve ireland on from the start?

I have been a football coach for 20 yrs now and something has been bothering me about city displays this season. Having read hundreds of blogs and not commenting until now have only seen a couple of comments based on what I am about to say and I am dumbfounded that it is not said more often..... I can only assume it is not said by media pundits often as most of them are outfield players, ...Goal number 3 rooney is heading the ball without jumping on the 6yd box. A goalkeeper should collect that every time! Many goals this season have been conceded in this fashion, or a scramble has ensued and then given pills off a great save and everyone says he is a great keeper... This is the equivalent of an outfield player giving the ball away cheaply and then winning it back in a less crucial position..... The first goal, the initial through ball should have easily been met by given and the second he anticipated a near post shot from carrick and let in a soft shot.

In the league derby at old trafford he let in Fletchers header as he thought it was going wide! He has pulled off many saves over the season but much a keeper does effectively to prevent goals could be prevented way before the dramatic reflex saves he has shown because he has not clreared his lines. This is why under hughes in particular toure and lescott defended so deep and reacted late as they expected another keeper from previous teams to collect. I believe he feels he can't because of his height. .... This needs to be addressed quickly, is it a height issue? joe Hart back please, he was the best goalkeeper we have had for years.

Anonymous said...

I love United and I am not here to gloat, but to comment on the Given piece. You are right about him, I don't know why he is so highly rated either. Not becouse of any lack of talent but simply lack of inches, we had the same with Bartez. You need to be tall enough to dominat