Thursday, January 28, 2010

Garrido's rallying call

No surprise that the first rallying call has been sounded in the wake of last night's exit, from full-back Javier Garrido:
"It is not easy to take because we were nearly in the final. We showed we are a quality team and we deserved extra time.

But you must concentrate, especially against a team like Manchester United who can score at any time."What happened is sad but we must lift ourselves," he said.

The Portsmouth game is very important because we must keep working to finish in the top four. Also, we are still in the FA Cup, so we must do our best to get to the final of that."
It is easy to say of course, but I'm anticipating a dominating performance on Sunday at home to Portsmouth.

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Anonymous said...

Sick to death of Garrido, the whole reason we lost was because our left back position was always wide open.

Garrido, Sylvinho are a complete waste of time.

cpt pattern said...

Bridge is equally hopeless - a space which needs filling for sure . i thought we were far more effective down the left when attacking though. im not convinced garrido is a full back to be honest !