Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hughes's Bolton reaction

Unsurprisingly given some of the decisions seen today, Mark Hughes was none too favourable with his assesment of Mark Clattenberg - particularly the decision to send off Craig Bellamy:

“The decision to send Craig off was laughable. It is quite clear the guy (Robinson) has taken him out.
“Craig is running at full pelt and has knocked the ball past him. But for some reason Mr Clattenburg thought Craig was looking to deceive him and decided to send him off.

“Paul Robinson has made out he has dived as he doesn’t want to be booked himself. That is quite a natural reaction, that’s what happens.

“Everyone in the stadium seemed to be mystified for quite some time. Apparently he had booked him after the third goal for dissent.

“Craig was frustrated about the throw in for the goal. It wasn’t just him, a number of players questioned that decision at the time.

“He felt he had to book Craig. To give a second yellow for what has happened and send the guy off, a few questions have to be asked.”

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