Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hughes releases statement

Mark Hughes has spoken of his sacking, with an official statement on the LMA website:

“I was informed after yesterday’s match against Sunderland that my contract with Manchester City was being terminated with immediate effect. Notwithstanding media coverage to the contrary, I was given no forewarning as to the Club’s decision. Given the speed with which my successor’s appointment was announced, it would appear that the Club had made its decision some considerable time ago. I am extremely disappointed not to have been given the opportunity to see through my plans at the Club. At the beginning of the season I sat down with the owners and it was agreed that a realistic target for the season would be 6th place in the Barclays Premier League, or in the region of 70 points. All of this was communicated to the players and we all knew where we stood. Whilst everyone at the Club would obviously have wanted to see more wins, we were absolutely on target at the time of my dismissal. Only recently we had terrific victories against both Arsenal and Chelsea. I am very proud of the fact that I steered the Club through the most significant period of change in its history. I have always been aware of the responsibility that comes with being afforded the luxury of a significant transfer budget, and I was grateful that the Club supported me with significant investment in players. I very much regret, however, that I will not now be able to enjoy the success that would undoubtedly have followed in the light of that investment. I believe that I have handled with dignity the recent pressure placed upon me by press speculation. I would like to thank the fans for their support throughout my time at the Club and particularly at this difficult time, and I wish the Club every success in the future, particularly in relation to the forthcoming Carling Cup semi-final, the Club’s first semi-final for 28 years.”
I don't think Hughes is the type who will be content being out of the game, and I'm sure that as and when jobs arise, he will garner plenty of interest from clubs.

Who these would be is a good question as the really top jobs are a premium and he certainly won't be afforded a budget the like of which he enjoyed the past 18 months.

Whilst he will end up back in the game, I don't think he gets an opportunity like he had with us again.

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Anonymous said...

If he was told after the game, then what was the waves to the four corners of the stadium after the final whistle?

Load of bollocks