Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bellamy and Weiss hit by swine flu

Manchester City have become the latest Premier League club to have been affected by the swine flu outbreak.

Craig Bellamy and Vladimir Weiss are understood to have been affected by the illness, while several members of staff have also reported flu-like symptoms. Weiss, the highly rated 20-year-old Slovakia winger, was the first to contract the H1N1 virus last week and was ordered to remain at home for Saturday's Premier League victory over Chelsea. City have subsequently confirmed that Bellamy has reported similar symptoms.


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Anonymous said...

best news ive heard all day hope that its spreads to the rest of the swine city family

pjdemers said...

I've read recently about a study by zoologists who were trying to determine if apes could read and understand philosophy. My guess is that anonymous is part of the study. Thus the plausible answer is that apes can read philosophy but sadly just can't undrstand it. Thanks for the clarification anonymous