Sunday, November 22, 2009

Row between Hughes and Cassell?

This weeks piece from Neil Ashton in the NOTW suggests a problem at the club between Mark Hughes and Jim Cassell:

The simmering tensions between Mark Hughes and legendary academy director Jim Cassell erupted after his office was cleared without his knowledge.

Cassell, who has recently been promoted to work in Abu Dhabi, discovered files and paperwork from over 10 years' service had been dumped in a corridor at Manchester City's Platt Lane academy.

City's former academy chief fears he is being forced out of the club after falling out with City's hardline manager last season. Cassell returned from Abu Dhabi last week, where he splits his time heading up City's worldwide coaching programme, to find new academy director Andy Welsh in residence at his office.

Welsh knew Hughes when he was a player at Manchester United and is part of a coaching set-up that has been labelled "The Taffia" by some disaffected members of staff.

Rumours of a problem between the pair have circulated since the end of last season, yet any 'issue' has remained nothing more than that. There have also been interviews with Cassell regarding his new role and at no stage has he even hinted at a problem with Hughes or the coaching staff.

Merely mischief making?

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newsoftheblues said...

i have heard from time to time...last season, the academy, reserve regulars have given hints about cassell discontent with Hughes and his lack of interest in the with the junior sides.

I certainly think there is something in it!

Anonymous said...

Its all a crock of grit, minor little issue blown totally out of proportion. The media see Cassell as the closest link to City fans hearts so are trying to take advantage and trying to get us to turn on Hughes.

Every single paper in the country covers writers columns slandering and slating Hughes, you have to remember these anti Hughes news writers and reporters are also fans of clubs of football. They are just like we are only we have no time for lies and rubbish and have morals, integrity, respect and faith.

Anyone would be abit upset if their office was cleaned out, so what. The man will get over it as he no longer needs an office as hes heading a gobal academy campaign.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..the new Academy manager has taken over the office of the old one (who is now working in Abu Dhabi), this is truly shocking and worthy of a Very Bloody Punch Up.
I wonder if Tony Book has gotten over Mark Hughes' appointment yet, must have hurt his feelings too surely?