Tuesday, November 10, 2009

QPR youngster linked

A sign of the times I suppose:

Manchester City boss Mark Hughes is ready to let QPR have two players on loan - as part of a massive bid to land wonder kid Raheem Sterling.

Hughes and his team are so desperate to get the 14-year-old boy genius that they have told Rangers they can have a couple of their fringe men plus £1 million to sign him now.

Sterling has been earning rave reviews playing for the Rangers under-18 team and starred on his England under-16 debut last week in front of Brian Marwood and Brian Kidd.

The young Londoner will not sign a long-term deal at Rangers and City want to buy him now in a record deal - and are making it more tempting with the offer of players.

Does anyone know anything about the 'boy genius'? QPR report has more, but I can't confess to have even heard of him so any insight would be appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a Qpr fan and trust me when I say he's a good as Wayne Rooney at his age.

Anonymous said...

I'm a QPR fan as well, dont buy him he's useless.