Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Onouha undecided

Speaking in Abu Dhabi, the topic of international allegiance is something that has again been posed to Nedum Onouha, with him admitting he is undecided as to whether to firmly commit to either England or Nigeria:

"It is a tough call," he said. "I would love to play for England. But I also get a certain feeling when I see Nigeria play. I can imagine myself really enjoying it and wanting to be part of it. But it is not that simple. If you play for England that is fine.

"It is not the best time to make such a big decision, so for now I am not making one," he said. "I would like to think I am young enough to see another World Cup. I think it is made easier because I enjoy club football. That is my main focus.

"If a time comes when I have to make a decision I will speak to a few people and hope to make the right call."

The courting of Onouha by Nigeria is nothing new of course, and as the article states, the fact they have not qualified for the World Cup makes the non-decision that bit easier.

By the time the next World Cup roles around though, Onouha will be approaching his late-twenties and by then will surely have to make a decision.

The fact he is delaying in commiting to Nigeria suggests his first choice would perhaps be England, but - and despite his undoubted talent - a call-up seems some way off yet.

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