Saturday, November 07, 2009

City 3 Burnley 3

I've been away for the most part today so haven't had chance to see any of the game as yet, so for those of you who were there please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts.

A disappointing result of course though, particularly as fixtures such as this should really be a given. Credit can be given to the side for the manner in which they came back, but serious questions have to be asked as to how we found ourselves 2-0 down in the first place and then having got the lead, let it slip so late in the game.

Joleon Lescott seems to be taking plenty of heat so far anyway.

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newsoftheblues said...

awful performance. lack of ideas from managment, little imagtination and some awful effort from the players.

The defence had another shocker and the midfield didnt help

credit to zab and swp who worked hard.

The decision to bring petrov on when we went 3-2 was odd. Petrov played right wing and swp went the the left why?
you bring a player on for width and put him on the wrong side it's counter productive, both players cut in as result. ODD

burnley have only scored 2 away previously to this, we let in three, what is wrong. Since hughes has arrived a good defence turned poor! he needs to review the coaching!