Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The non-celebration

Much praise has been heaped on Richard Dunne following his opening goal in Monday night's 1-1 draw for his refusal to celebrate the goal, out of respect for the City fans - who in turn clearly conveyed their feelings and regard for him throughout the game.

The 'non-celebration' has been something the press have focused on recently, and always in comparison to Emmanuel Adebayor's infamous celebration after scoring against Arsenal, and Carlos Tevez appeared apologetic after scoring for us against West Ham.

Are we not in danger though of this issue being treated somewhat excessively though? To be disrespectful to fans who held you in high esteem is one thing - however there was clearly no danger of Dunne 'pulling an Adebayor' (although you have to admit that would have been some sight to see) so would City fans' view of Dunne be any different had he celebrated his goal along with his team mates (rather than the slightly awkward situation that we saw of them celebrating around him) in front of the Villa fans, as he would celebrate any other goal?

Would he stand accused of being disrespectful, or see his standing and reputation with City fans diminished?

The reaction that he received after scoring against us, and throughout the game as a whole, suggests otherwise.

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sp3ccylad said...

Like all fads, this one will soon die. There's nothing wrong with a goal celebration, and if this doesn't get knocked on the head soon, only home-grown players will be allowed to celebrate. Ok, so Ade's celebration was a bit OTT, but so was the provocation from the Arsenal fans: provocation that was premeditated (did you see their fanzine?). No, footy needs to get a grip and get back to normal - before players openly weep after scoring against a former club.

Anonymous said...

If Dunny had celebrated the goal properly, it would not have altered my feeling about him at all. I like to see City players look delighted to score for us not look ashamed like Tevez and therefore think Dunny should have celebrated the goal as normal. We are not idiots, we know he loves City, we also know he will have been pleased to show Hughes what's what. I never understood why fans were so insulted by Dickov celebrating when scoring against us, he was only behaving for Leicester how we loved him behaving for us. Supporters are way too sensitive these days. As for people comparing the Adebayor situation. The media never point out that he was never afforded respect by the Arsenal fans even when he was with them so why would he behave like Dunne or Tevez who were treated with respect.

Anonymous said...

players shouldnt feel obliged not to celebrate, fans move on and players move on all the time.ADEY is such a passionate guy loved his celebration and want to see many more shared with us blues what a guy

Silvain said...

Dunne wanted to run and celebrate an 'Adebayor', but he was too exhausted after jumping for a header. Nah, but respect for former players has put us above a lot of Arsenal and Villa fans in my eyes, just wish we would do the same with Distin, I like that guy