Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bellamy on Hughes

'Everything seems to make sense to me on the pitch at the moment,' he said. 'Everything just seems to be going the way I want it to.

'I'm with familiar faces, people I would trust with my life and when you are comfortable like that, you would give everything for them. The rest just comes off the back of that.

'I've been with Mark Hughes since I was 16. If anyone knows me as a player, it's him. He doesn't do anything special for me before a game. I just know where I am. Sir Bobby Robson did the same for me. He looked to get the best out of each individual. Some managers don't do that. Others do.

'It's not that I feel especially appreciated at Manchester City. I just know where I am. The manager pulled me in at the start of the season and straightaway said, "I'd back you against anyone. I know what you are like. If you are fit, I'd put my money on you, so just go out there and get your place".

At that moment, I knew I was part of it. It didn't matter who came into the club. I'm feeling confident and comfortable. I can really give it a go. Being with outstanding players inspires you to a level, too. It's been a pretty rewarding period after the hard work I've had to get to this stage, with the injuries I've had.'

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Bellamy's form this season has been nothing short of sensational, with it clear his confidence is at his peak. Seemingly, he is a very demanding player in terms of the standards he expects from a club and his team-mates and knowing Hughes from various stages of his career feels comfortable with him and bought into the vision Hughes had for the club.

His signing was not a universally popular one, and most commentators expected his stay to be a short one and that he would be jettisoned as soon as Hughes had an opportunity to splash serious money.

What has been proven is that not only does Bellamy warrant his place in the side at present, he clearly looks to be an integral part of the future of the club - which could see some of his more illustrious team-mates moving on instead.

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