Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lescott - 'No excuses'


"You're disappointed to lose any game - Craig scored two wonder goals for us and we thought we'd done enough to get a point, but it wasn't to be.

"There are no excuses. We are pros and we have to look at ourselves collectively and as individuals and realise that it just wasn't good enough.

"We look at each other and we've made mistakes. We started the season with four clean sheets and now we've conceded goals. We have to correct that."

"It's good that we've a Carling Cup tie against Fulham on Wednesday to put things right. It would have been hard to wait another eight days until the West Ham game."

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Anonymous said...

i want bellamy to know hes is a dickhead..a shit face a nobhead..and wants banging out then sellin to aldershot

Scott said...

Is it not a worry that one of your players would run over to a restrained fan and punch/slap him in the face? Is it not a bigger worry that your club sees nothing wrong with him doing that?