Thursday, September 03, 2009

The contradictions of Richard Dunne

A player who was at one time ill-disciplined.

Yet leaves as club captain and a thoroughly respected figure.

Destroyed by Thierry Henry time and again.

Yet he was more than a match for Didier Drogba.

Arrived after being unwanted by Everton.

Leaves having made 351 appearances and a cert for the team of the decade.

He was considered a liability.

But was a pillar and cornerstone of our defence for the majority of his stay.

He was questioned technically.

He never lacked heart or fight.

Has a plethora of own goals and red cards to his name.

His partnership with Distin staved off relegation on more than one occasion.

Never universally won over the fans.

Won four consecutive supporters player of the year awards.

He must have done something right all this time.

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Wigan Blue said...

"He must have done something right all this time."

'Course he did... He was here, there, and every jolly where,
Richard Dunne...

Anonymous said...

yup...that'll be the Dunnymonster...will be missed without a doubt (apart from the red cards and own goals)

Patrick said...

WE all loved Dunnie for his effort and the hard work he had put in over the years but last season was a travesty and I think the pressure got to him and clouded his judgement.

He was the most sent off player last season and scored more goals than a lot of strikers, well in our own net but such was his confidence problems.

Weirdly I think he would have turned it around this season but I think the danage was already done and there is no doubting that Lescott is a better player who is still improving.

I expect Lescott to be imense this year and I expect he, Richards and Onouha will be inspired by the presence of Toure at the back.

We will certainly be harder to beat this season even on a bad day.

Andrew said...

legend. we should have got rid of bridge. i think he is muck. stuck lescott out on the left and kept dunne and toure in centre. and then had richards. on the rite. class.... dunne you will be missed big time. its a pity you didnt get a chance to say goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Glad hes gone, an industrial defender could'nt pass to save his life, own goals and critical mistakes costs us points and his sending offs well his last one put an end to our Euro comeback. Amazed to get twice what we paid for him MoN must be mad! He screwed us for what he was "entitled" to before he went as well

ChrisR said...

He was more than entitled to a pay-off if the stry that he was as good as forced out the door (Skysports) is true. Also, whilst remembering how well he controlled Drogba, let us not forget the number of times he had Torres in his pocket too!!!