Sunday, September 13, 2009

Adebayor accused

"I am sad and disappointed by my former team-mate Emmanuel Adebayor's mindless and malicious stamp on me during today's match. "We are both professional footballers and I know that the game is physical, I too have made hard and sometimes mis-timed challenges but never with the intention of hurting an opponent. He set out to hurt me today.

"I knew he was aiming for a collision because he changed the angle of his body to allow contact to be made. He moved backwards when his natural momentum would have taken him forward. I find that deeply disrespectful. He has shown a real lack of class today, to me and the fans.

"I do feel lucky that I have not suffered a greater injury. The contact was only centimetres from my eye. I have not received an apology from him, there were no words exchanged afterwards. He had his own agenda today and that is bad for football. It's bad for the game we all love.

"I want to make it clear that this has nothing to do with the result of today's match. We do not hide from that disappointment but I need to speak out about his behaviour."

>>Robin van Persie.

What is remarkable about van Persie's comments are that they appeared (ie, were sanctioned) on the official Arsenal website, not an off the cuff or throwaway remark and not something I have seen previously.

A cliche perhaps, but only Adebayor knows the degree of intent that was involved in the incident but the footage is there to be able to make a reasonable judgement.

I deliberated waited until watching it again this morning before posting up, as watching it as live it did not appear malicious, and more a case of Adebayor catching van Persie as a result of his momentum from the tackle.

Seeing again on replay (and with the benefit of slow motion) that was clearly not the case.

There was a definite kick out by Adebayor at van Persie, and of course he made contact with him. Given the coverage the incident has garnered it is inevitable that the FA are going to take a further look at it.

Whilst he may escape further punishment regarding his goal celebration (as he was booked at the time), I don't think he escapes this - and neither should he. Sure he faced provocation from the Arsenal fans throughout the game but raking his studs (it wasn't a stamp) across van Persie's face isn't something that can be defended.

The huge worry of course is that he could well miss next weeks derby as a result of this, something that we can ill-afford given that Robinho and Tevez are already absent.

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Anonymous said...

I am a Villa fan. Yet was trully angered by adebayor's actions yesterday. Adebayor clearly extended his leg to make contact with RVP. He is a disgusting player. That really could have been more serious had he caught vam persie in the eye. The way he celebrated his goal in front of aresnal fans was disrespectful and immature. He needs to realise that he is an insignificant prick playing for an insignificant club. and mark my words city fans... the time will come where he will no longer feel like playing for you, and leave. he shows no signs of loyalty and is bad for the game. his backhanded apology just proves what an incredibly stupid and pathetic individual he is.

Anonymous said...

A good dose of racist abuse would wind anyone up, this was an instantaneous lash out caused by unprecedented and sustained abuse. A dark day for Arsenal I believe, Wenger doesn't like this side of Arsenal, as his comments midweek bore out.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to Adebayor, it was a bad tackle by RVP, and he was clearly aiming to stamp on the hand, not the face. Let's not use 'near the eye' to worsen the incident, because any high boot can do the same, with equal lack of intent of aiming for the eye. Still not ruling out a ban of course, it was a stamp. Identical to Rooneys aainst Aalborg of course, not that I expect a City player to be let off as lightly as a rag.

PS: Couldn't have happened to a nicer chap though- dont remember van Persie creating such an uproar on the arsenal site when he booted Alen Orman in the face. or when he elbowed Kieran Richardson without provocation. or...

Gareth Barry is a blue! said...

I am a city fan, and would just like to throw my two pence worth in! I don't like to see challenges of the like of adebayors on van persie, Im glad that he hasn't been 'blinded' (even though I think that's a bit of an exaggerated claim from van persie that that could have happened.) But lets not forget that he is a rapist so it's not like he's mr squeaky clean. But still it was a silly challenge and a rather unneccesary one, and one that I really hope he does not receive a ban for next weeks derby from.

On the topic of his over elaborate celebration, yes it was stupid and again unneccesary, but he was booked for it (and rightly so) so we can drop it. Again on this topic though we have to look at the arsenal fans. They were ridiculous. Yes adebayor incited them, but there was no reason to react so violently and to injure a steward, I think this should also be looked into. Especially after so much was made over the west ham-millwall fans.

Finally, a brief comment to mr annonymous Aston villa angers me that you hold such animosity towards my club. I for one do not hold the same for yours. Last season when you were pushing the top 4, I for one was thrilled that someone might break that stronghold. What's more it angers me how you belittle my team as being an 'insignificant club'. It's not our fault your best player of the last few seasons chose to move to us because he didn't feel your club could fulfill his dreams of playing in the champions league. And what's more you're current playing squad looks seriously depleted of quality and the depth of squad that is required to make any sort of challenge for any trophy. (something which I'm informed you haven't done for 13 years) so enjoy your slow fall to mediocrity as the other teams previously at your level push on towards trophys. (namely city and spurs).

Thankyou for reading!

Anonymous said...

Van Perie should sue the low life.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Adebayor has been so accurate and focused that if had wanted to hurt Mr Carrys a Persie, he would done significantly more damage.

The statement and the Biomechanical explanation given by Carrys a Pursie beggar belief; a player lying on the pich can make assessments of another players body motion! What should be investigated is Arsenals inability to get over a player wanting to leave them.

It disappoints me that City fans will join the chorus of hypocrites condemning one of our players, especially given the provocation that both the Arsenal players and crowd dished out to him. Stop watching everything in frame by frame slow mo it distorts reality.

Anonymous said...

Gareth Barry is a blue!, RVP is not a rapist. You however are a stupid cunt.