Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wolves press and blog reaction

I guess we have to take the positives from the performance. We did create several chances and another goal would've probably seen us relax a bit and stick to our a-game. Adebayor was perhaps the only one of ours who had a very good game, he again seemed very hungry, leading the line well, dropping out wide, even into midfield to put himself about.
Today, when we needed leadership and solidity from the back we got neither, as Wolves pounced on our discomfort under the high ball. Our defence is still in transition, and it shows.
lf City manager Mark Hughes really wants to break into the top four, he needs to introduce a killer instinct up front to go with all the pretty passing. Hughes put a positive gloss on yesterday's events, although Wolves could so easily have snatched a point.

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Anonymous said...

So Lescott is a "dunne deal". Now time to be nervous over whether points get docked. I think we should offer to sell Dunne to Everton for $25M.

As an Irishman, its hard to accept that Dunne's best days are behind him. And there is a glimmer of doubt that if he didn't have to cover so much for others, he might not make so many blunders and get so many red cards, but push comes to shove...its time.

Yesterday's win was 10% euphoria, 90% suffering. The price of higher expectations I suppose.

ChrisR said...

Utmost respect over McCarthy's views on the game- completely correct in the view that Wolves didn't deserve a point but very nearly snatched one. Compare this to Benitez's similar situation after the Spurs - 'Pool match, and only one shows class and perspective

Mak said...

Analysis of the buildup to Adebayor's goal: , where we do the lazy pundit's work for him.