Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Where does Wright-Phillips fit in?

Shaun Wright-Phillips may not think so, but there could well be some similarities between Chelsea and ourselves - from his own perspective at least.

Now, with the summer additions, Wright-Phillips could find himself on the outside looking in, much like his time at Chelsea.

Mark Hughes now realistically has two players in every position. The likelihood is that he fields a 4-3-3/4-5-1 formation. I expect a central striker supplemented by Robinho and Carlos Tevez. I also see Hughes fielding a midfield trio of Ireland, Barry and either de Jong or Kompany.

Thus leaving no place for Wright-Phillips.

Of course he is going to feature throughout the season. It is a long season and Hughes will tinker with the formation at times, but his 'go to' team I don't think includes Wright-Phillips.

Not what he had in mind when he re-signed almost twelve months ago.

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CptPattern said...

Assuming MH outlasts SWP......anyway, play him at CB, or LB. It'll give him a chance to use his height - he'll do a better job than TBH or WB any time!

Evan said...

Kompany is out for the first month and will need a few weeks to settle in,so he will be an option in October.......I believe that Lescott comes today and then we can afford to only play one defensive midfielder....from Barry and De jong....then Ireland sits with him in the middle which allows Petrov and SWP to hit the wings ...with Carlos/Robbi/Bellamy just behind Adebayour/RSC...also this will be the first season when Hughes uses all three subs regularly...if SWP gives Ade and RSC the service he will play 35 games this season.....remember that Robi ,Bellamy and RSC will sit on the bench away from home.