Saturday, August 15, 2009

Moyes hits out

Moyes has complete control over transfer strategy at Everton and was therefore incensed, by Hughes's insistence that a deal for Lescott remains possible as "[City] are still trying to speak to the people who will ultimately make the decision over whether or not the deal continues". That prompted an indignant response from Moyes, who claimed he has not had any contact from City.

"The dialogue has not taken place with Manchester City and Everton in the way that it is said to be. If it was, the dialogue would come to me," he said. "There has been no contact with me. I'm the person here who makes the decisions. I'm in control of Everton Football Club. There has not been one call. It's disappointing. We have got a player who we really value and we want to keep. We think the world of him and he can play two positions. We don't want to lose him. Yet he is being continually put in a position like he is at this moment in time.

"The way it has been handled is disgusting and all it has done is disrupted our club."

"Garry Cook [City's executive chairman] has had one conversation with Bill [Kenwright, the Everton chairman]. Brian Marwood [City's football administrator] has had one conversation with Bill, so I don't know who the ongoing conversations are supposed to be with unless Manchester City are talking to someone they shouldn't be."


Pretty strong stuff from Moyes and no doubt on the eve of the season he is clearly now attempting to try and draw a line under all of this.

An interesting comment from Moyes though was him saying that Lescott has had his 'head turned' by our interest. If anything, will this not serve to encourage our interest further given the suggestion that the player could be keen on a move?

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Lawrance10 said...

I don't understand Moyes' rant - in my opinion its not so much a moan at city and Hughes its more a moan at Lescott. I don't know what we're supposed to have done wrong? - I watched the whole of the Hughes interview and he didn't say anything disrepectful towards Moyes or Everton, he merely said that we are going to try to sign Lescott - which we are perfectly entitled to do, we put an offer in, Everton reject it or accept it. Fine.

Moyes says that Lescott is not for sale and that we should respect that but if we were to offer 50 million would he still not be for sale?

The fact that Everton made our transfer bids public, that Everton made Lescotts transfer request public suggests to me that they are just trying to soften the blow for the fans when he does leave.