Friday, August 21, 2009

Hughes on Lescott.....again


"There is no update on the Joleon Lescott situation.

"It has been discussed at length for the past three weeks now. We have made bids for the player and they have been rejected.

"Everton are within their rights to reject our offers and it is up to them.

"There has been no opportunity to make progress this week because people have been busy.

"But there comes a point when you think that something will not happen and you walk away, as we have done previously (with other targets.)"

11 days and counting...

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Anonymous said...

Moyes is a tinpot dictator, who has caused all this furore in the media himself, watch them tumble down the league....

Anonymous said...

Moyes like most small minded men is a bully and tinpot dictator.
What he cannot grasp is that the other players at everton understand what he is doing and must shudder at the thought.
What if they want a transfer or are the sunject of a bid . The same senario.... how that must impress them.
Moyes has thrown his dummy, toys and blanket out of the pram in temper.
Badly handled shows how shallow and basically insecure his management style is.
The dictator style he emulates from Ferguson is old fashioned and dated and he is not strong enough to make it work.